Well, I guess that Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas vehicle “turbo man” or whatever (which I think was filmed in Omaha or Minneapolis) is an added bonus. I think my cappuccino needs sugar. I do not want to run away because I am paying for this intarweb.

Tomorrow I see my mom and sister! Hopefully there are less angry abandonments on behalf of this little traveller (sorry Mike and Greg). Haha. It is weird how worked up someone can get just because they miss the bus to the Disneyland of Communism. At least I got a chance to spend some needed alone time on Castle Hill. Imagine a city crumbling… Budapest has serious plaster facade issues (more than enough architectural impetigo to rival my own skin condition). The city was dreary enough at first (it is eastern Europe, what can you expect?) but I gradually warmed up to it. The termal baths helped. I went to a termal bath with Mike and Heather in Budapest. Wow. That was amazing. Sadly Mike and I were unable to play aquatic chess naked together, but there was plenty of rubbing (“is he joking?” “you don’t seem American”). I think Mike and I are planning a return trip to Prague plus train to Budapest. A miao-cat might be involved.

I think I really like this hostel. I sleep above a coffee shop! Too bad the place closes at 5 on Sundays. Tomorrow I shall have to awake early to greet the family. British currency has random stuff engraved on the edges. Half the time it seems incomprehensible, but currently it seems to be “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Caffeine does not make me coherent. My spelling has gone to hell (which is Budapest, the cars drive themselves! SHIT! Or should I say merde?).

Confidential to mongers: I am pages away from finishing The Unbearable Lightness of Being which I purchased in Prague. Books and life have had far too many recurring themes, well, locations at least, lately. I am looking at you Tom Robbins.

Confidential to R. Maria: I miss people of your Rilke.

Confidential to Tom: How’s old Joe?

Addendum to Maria: Greg Shane Bolen’ed his bed in the Budapest hostel.

Addendum to R.: I killed Anita. Miss the mugwump!

Confidential to self: Drink less caffeine, you psycho. You shall also have far too many e-mails and webcomics to sort through when you return. The fact that you care is symbolic of a sickness. Also note to self: Do you know Anton M.? I should speak to Jetjejtjetjetjejt. I also need to mail all my luggage tags from Budapest to Bud. BUD! Budvar! Bud, a pest! CRACK.

Today was my first time ever flying alone. Ain’t no thang. I wish I was better at not spending money, and I especially wish London was a wee bit cheaper. Well, a lot cheaper. It takes like 60 cents to get from airport to hostel in Prague, like $1.50 in Budapest, and… at least $20 here. Augh. Luton airport is also a hole, from what I have seen so far.

In Budapest I went to the contemporary art museum with was filled with an exhibit by.. Lazlos? Lasloz.. Laklos. Shit. He/She was a very interesting painter, but I would not think so from seeing only one or two works. It took about five homages to Duchamp amongst others to finally get into it. Let us wrap old books in rope and entitle it aesthetics!!

Let us also return to Prague to ponder what the cylcops manequin with a wounded knee was saying. That particular figure made both Mike and I think of someone back home.

I have had Italian everynight since I left Birmingham. Mostly pizza, save for pasta once. I wonder what I shall find for sustenance tonight. Oh what a world it seems…

I have yet to experience positive change and increased confidence as a result of this trip. All I have managed is to continue with the petty scrabbles. Perhaps I need to raise my blood sugar on a regular basis, or just let it float. My main goal is to not freak out at Maren (though when I mix Mike into the equation, hopefully she will do the freaking out. haha).

On the plane from Budapest to London, reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being I felt an intense wave of melancholy wash over me. I missed Greg, Heather, and Mike immediately. Sure, it is nice enough to see the sites you want to at your own pace, but who are you going to eat with and share an immense sense of incompetence? haha.

-the little traveller, signing off

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