1 Modest Mouse “3rd Planet”
1 Kind of Like Spitting “Shuffle, Kick, Hum a Tune”
1 Magnetic Fields “Reno Dakota”
1 Joan Jett “Crimson and Clover”
1 Rufus Wainwright “Oh What a World”
1 T. Rex “Dancing When I Was 12”
1 Modest Mouse “So Much Beauty in Dirt”
1 Spirtualized “Ladies and Gentlemen”
1 Magnetic Fields “I Thought You Were My Boyfriend”
1 Stuart Davis “Penguins”
1 Postal Service “Suddenly Everything Has Changed”
1 Dresden Dolls “Girl Anachronism”
1 Magnetic Fields “I Don't Wanna Get Over You”
1 Frou Frou “Let Go”
1 Ben Kweller “Wasted and Ready”
1 Iron and Wine “Such Great Heights”
1 Stuart Davis “Windmills and Wheatfields”
1 The Hip Kids “Out of Order”
1 Wolf Colonel (?) “Jet Ski Accidents”
1 Dresden Dolls “Coin Operated Boy (live)”
1 Modest Mouse “The View”
1 Lou Reed “Walk on the Wild Side”

Stir ingredients together in bowl of self-hate and malaise. Bake at 350F for 30 minutes. Add Deflowered by Joel “Hey Julie” to taste.

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