Tomorrow (thursday that is, y'all) I embark on a venture of epic proportions. I am going to the dentist for the last time before England! After that, I believe I am taking a brief jaunt to some city once referred to by Gore Vidal as the Venice of Minnesota. Who knows.


Duluth tomorrow! England in a fortnight (I'm practising fancy slang early)! I shall be staying with my dear, dear, dear friend Jet Thursday and Friday, so we can stalk pretty punk girls and such. After that I get the boot, and then who knows where I will stay. I have a few options, I just need to make phonecalls and feel awkward. It's practice for scary ambiguity in Britannia. I think staying with Bud for a night or two wouldn't be so bad. Darren and Natalie frighten me a bit, but it's a good sort of intimidation. Perhaps I could call Maria and have lots of hot sex, assuming she has a place. I do not talk to that gorgeous girl as much as I would like to. I might be hiding from Priding (gay like rainbows~!) and going to the cities on Friday to attend the statefair with so that could be fun. If it gets too late, I will just break into Rainer's apartment and defile his futon. Naturally this has not been discussed with him, but bollocks to that! I'm impotent. I mean important.

I think I'm heading back to South Dakota on Tuesday. I might get bored/scared of Duluth and return sooner. Doubtful. I might also hobo it a night or two in the Wal-mart parking lot and get murdered because that's trendy these days. Maybe I'll make poor decisions and end up with the Matthew Patrick Keane fusion tour. I need to buy food or something so it does not cost a fortune to eat for five days.

One time my family and I had a cheap meal of bread and cheese on a park bench in France. It was nifty.

On Tuesday I will probably see about ending my contract with Verizon wireless in preparation for going over seas. No cell phone and driving six hours… how primitive! Our culture is silly. I have no idea how one terminates such things, but it shall be a learning experience.

Me with responsibilty is scary. Me driving momvan to Duluth for several days by myself without guaranteed housing is ridiculous. I'm quite excited. This will be excellent. I also hope to fit in a fourth viewing of Garden State. That movie is splendid.

Less than a fortnight, kids! wow

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