It was quite nice to sojourn to Duluth, but I fear it might make this last week in SoDakia all the more painful. That is, unless I kidnap Emma. Something I often say I'll do and then fail, but hey, I figure if I can fit all the failure, awkwardness, weirdness, and crap into these early years of my life, I can just kinda coast down afterwards into a smooth operator! Over the weekend, someone was defined as “making topher look smooth.” There's much truth to that fiction. I once read in a bathroom “Fiction is Art. Art is Lies.” I also read “Stop Bush!” and “Stop writing on walls!” Perhaps bathrooms are not the place for philosophy.

Heh, sometimes I think I want to be an English major, and other times I write deadjournals. I'll let you figure that one out.

Let's see, it was a Thursday-Monday trip and I stayed with my friend Kara. Those are the basics. On the way up I stopped in the sprawling urban metropolis of Cambridge and had a malt at THE ONLY REMAINING SODA FOUNTAIN IN MINNESOTA! (snicker) with the lovely and talented Joan Doom. After the malt of doom, we proceeded across the street to a Chinese buffet on our tour of Cambridge. The buffet was home to the best rice ever. Following the rice, we went to the world's finest selection of crafting materials–Ben Franklin. After that I awarded Joan with the “I'm special” ribbon featuring a lovely turtle. Everyone knows turtles are special. It was also pointed out that the broken lock on my sister's car door sounds much like the electric chair.


Then it was on to the land of Duluthia, home to the fair Kara and the black knight Darren. The black knight and I must eternally battle for the fair hand of Lady Kara. I fear soon our Lady Kara will be leaving us… Alas, damnation!

Erm. All that aside, Thursday night I had the best coleslaw ever. I should go back and buy buckets of it. Buckets and buckets! Oh, and have you ever taken a sugar packet out and set it on the table to admire, only to have the waitress gently place it back in the container? That's some seriously pent up rage if I've ever seen it.

On Friday we did stuff, on Saturday I got ditched by everyone, on Sunday we made french toast and tacos, and on Monday Brandi and I returned home. Via 35W and highway 14… that took awhile.

While there we played much Bond (it had been too long. I'm still amazing with proximity mines, and my sister is a golden gun whore). There was also much SNES Mario Kart… I think I've changed my mind about buying that game. I sucked hardcore to the extreme! We also played Cranium, the best boardgame ever! And after questing endlessly for days on end, my sister and I finally found a single copy of Balderdash hidden at ShopKo. Twas a glorious find!

Brandi also won a game of clue. I think the moral of the weekend was “I'm a loser!” That's fine as much fun can still be had while losing.

Cold Mountain is a somewhat disturbing film and Big Fish is absolutely amazing. Other amazing films include Plan 9 from Outerspace, Glen or Glenda?, and Bride of the Monster. *snicker* The future is where we'll all be living (if we're to believe Criswell)! I'd like to point out that in Big Fish, CHURCH TRAFFIC must be avoided, as those damn Church people drive too slow.

Oh, I'd also like to highly recommend Mariaface Johnson, she's super cool. Wheeoo wheeoo.

In other news, “Life on Frost Street” will be premiering in exactly five years, and I've been dreaming lately. Dreams of high school… those are creepy. Especially when high school, middle school, and college all combine in to one giant mass. It's really hard to find your classes in those situations. Also the other night I went to Iran with Jon, Alex Johnson and someone else. We were going to go to Iraq but decided it was a bad idea. The customs dude wouldn't shut up and I just wanted to get plane tickets to somewhere else. I also saw a ghost at Glensheen in Duluth; too bad I was asleep. There was something else, but I forget what.

I've also been toying with the idea of becoming bitter (even though I already am) in order to solve my problems. I can also reference that “I don't know when I got bitter / but love is surely better when it's gone” song all the time, and honestly, who doesn't want that?

Confidential to Joan Doom-
Yes, it is a marvelous plan! Soon I must start on this “groundbreaking” and “riveting” art. I've also been listening to much Moody Blues- Nights in White Satin, if you know what I mean…
life on frost street

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