In case you were wondering what I did for new years (and I know you weren't)…

Yep, I had that much fun without drinking! And by fun, I mean watched Adult Swim New Years Bash (most hilarious thing ever), the Craft (most hilarious thing ever), and Purple Rain (like ohmygawd, I want Prince's outfit!).

Okay, that's a lie. We didn't finish Purple Rain. Though we did mod podge! I had fun, even though it was more of a really good random night than a New Years celebration.

I have a question for you folks out there…

do you think i have problems with love because
a.) i'm a reincarnated angel spirit who angered god; thus my love is cursed and impossible ala weird anime
b.) in accepting the love i think i deserve i only accept one sided love that no one can return to me
c.) i'm impatient and emo. emoemoemo

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