czech, please!

I am currently in the lobby of Sir Toby's Hostel in Prague (that's Praha to the locals). I am in the Czech Republic and I do not really even know what language they speak here. haha. no means yes and dicky means thank you. nay means know if you get into a compromising czechylslovakian (er) […]

rubied indifference

Yesterday I turned in a paper entitled “Sodomy’s Penetration of Early Modern England” or something to that effect… It was 10 pages, all written between 7pm and 3:30am, mostly 11-3:00 though. The most important aspect was to be its thesis/historical argument. I spent about a minute writing that. I fear for my grade, but mostly […]

choices, choices, choices

Tonight I could have seen The Faint in my current hometown, but I opted instead to stay in and do homework. It's 23:37 and I have not done anything… you see, there was the christmas buffet and then we decided to go get hot cocoa in the dining center and then we went out to […]