yes i love you, oh how i love you. oh how i love you. yes i love you. yes i love you, ohhhhh i love you. ohhhhhhhhh how i love you

Some songs can get away with endless repetition of lyrics, some cannot. Many oldies can. Most modern rap cannot. Fatboy slim is fucking in heaven can.

Sex on wheels… I'm not so sure.

This party is shaping up to be quite the intimate little shindiggery. Maybe I should e-mail people, otherwise it's going to be like me, Alex J., Laura N. and my sister. I should actively invite some more people. And hire a bouncer to keep out the unwashed masses! Everyone loves a sniper.

I wonder if I could snag a Tessa. I'd try and steal some lesbians from Duluth but that wouldn't work. If I can invent a people snatcher machine I could abduct Cambridge. Not gonna happen.

I have lots of chocolate for the party. Thanks Grandma!

We had sushi for our christmas eve dinner. It was amazing. very very good. Much better than the eggs and hashbrowns thanksgiving meal. Ha. We still haven't opened presents, but that's because It's a Wonderful Life is the fucking antichrist.


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