don't you feed me lines about some idealistic future
your heart won't heal right if you keep tearing out the sutures

erm. yeah. latest obsessions is the postal service if anyone was wondering

[DISCLAIMER: this deadjournal is like all my others. long and rambly. i make these because i'm too lazy to hand write in a journal]

I've been in Duluth for about four months now. I've made a total of… two, three comics? For that I apologize profusely. Perhaps once I get home I can get back on the horse. Though, to be honest, I have done a lot of actual art. I've decided that I can no longer legitimately say I have few friends here. Sadly this revelation had to come a week before I leave for South Dakota. I hope Brandi or someone will accompany me to Duluth so I can stalk Maria and people. I also want to see this Cambridge place before I die. Maybe I could go to Forest Lake! Wheeoo.

In these four months I kinda feel like I've lost some of my innocence. There's a time for everything and that time is college. I'm not bitter or cynical yet. I think I might be a little less naive, which is a good thing. Though, a little less naive for me is like picking up a grain of sand on a beach and saying it's “a little less sandy.”

Perhaps I can take my month in Brookings to determine the meaning of this twisted and unexpected path my life has taken. Not that I can complain at all. Last Wednesday I went to Superior with Matt and Ty and hung out with their friends T and Tara. Lots of T names. Apparently I'm “big T.” Matt is Matt. Sucker! It was a great night, but confusing. Much of my life is confusion, and I've given up on making sense of it.

I see I haven't made an entry like this for awhile. On Tuesday I went out to Perkins with QSU people, which is why I have more friends now. Perkins (and lesbians) make everything better. We bought stickers from a machine there which turned into buying 15 stickers and assembling a “girl friends” puzzle. I'll try and get a picture. You know you want to see it!

Friday I hung out with Brijit (she was right, it looks weird typed like that) and Jon, some QSUers from Perkins and such. Bridjet and I drew on construction paper with crayon. She really likes construction paper. Her and Jon are married, but it must be an open marriage since Jon has a boyfriend… They were impressed when I showed them the pictures of my marriage to Steph. Then we wound up sitting in the QSU office (“the closet”–seriously) and watching Happy Tree Friends and looking at gay porn, I mean xy and the advocate. Maria, I know you met GWAR and everything, but Jon fricken went to a GWAR concert and got his head split open or something. He left soaked in blood. Wait, that was the Disturbed concert. He left drenched in water, wait, no, that was the Manson concert and Manson's water bottle… Oh, I know, he left drenced in alien sperm from GWAR guy's giant phallus! For those keeping track, Jon likes KoRn and stuff (erm. yes) and Bridjeet likes Suicide Machine(?).

This is all very rambly, but uhm.. it's notes. for my autobiography. Honest.

On Friday night I went with Kara (QSUer person thingy) to a party at Luther's (imagine a Wisconsin/Minnesotan soccer mom in a gay man's body) with Natalie (QSUer, sister to Trevor in my 2D Design class. He's a legitimate cartoonist so I feel threatened by him) her girlfriend Anna and their gay friend Darrin (I'm most likely spelling all these names wrong).

The party thing was kind of awkward, but Luther makes anything entertaining. Though, it was sort of weird because it's fashionable for gay boys to use “lesbian” in the context that a straight person would use “gay.” For example, “I was so fat and had a mullet! I was like a lesbian!” Oh, Mike was there too. Not lunchmike or dinnermike (who I think might be dead), but queermike! I like Mike. I should harass him more. I dunno. It was entertaining, but I see why we left early. After the party it was time for… TRIVIAL PURSUIT! I was paired with a pre-pharmacy major. We lost, but it was because Natalie and Darrin were cheating.

During Trivial Pursuit I read the question “Who is Liza Minelli's current husband?” to which the answer is of course “David Gest” (I can't spell names anymore). Then we discussed the divorce or something and I said “Oh yeah, David beat Liza right?” to which I quickly corrected “No, Liza beat David! That's why it's funny.” Then Darrin said something about how he wasn't sure if I fit in before, but then he knew.

Uh… yay!

I feel really dumb about this entry. Oh, an interesting tidbit I learned last night, Mike and Ty used to date.

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