you know… i often hear of relationships/friendships decaying because people are sick of always having to be the first one to call, ask to do stuff, whatever.

i wonder if this is a problem i face. i know in brookings i always sorta expected people to come to me. about the only person i ever called first was maren.

hmm. i need to try and avoid that here. i know several more people now than i did, say, monday, but i'm still too freaked out to contact them first. erm.. maybe tomorrow.

my desire to be with people often does not outweigh my fear of the telephone.

these are idle reflections. it's finals next week, but all i have to do is study for one test and put together a few pieces of art. both of those are on wednesday. i'm stuck here with little motivation.

i did assemble some gifts today. i need to stalk down some people so that they may be delivered. maybe instead of worrying about social interaction tonight i should start studying. ha… or work on the comic. that's been pretty neglected. actually, i know some website stuff to do. perhaps i can surprise bud.

it's been a good week. tuesday i went to perkins with QSUers and assembled an amazing $3.75 sticker puzzle. on wednesday i went to superior with Matt and Ty and joined the ranks of college students everywhere. then i joined a whole new elite club. on friday i went to a social worker/QSU party at Luther's (amazing drag star tangerine dream/wisconsin/minnesota soccer mom in a gay man supreme) place, which was a little awkward. afterwards we played trivial pursuit.

and i would've won too if not for those meddling kids!

i've had so incredibly many unexpected experiences in college. ahh, life is twisted and beautiful…

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