First, the artfuck stuff! (I need to get the webpage up for these so I don’t have to keep bothering you people with crap drawings. At least these pictures were taken a little better, instead of at an angle like most…)

Handlebars and shadow are wonky. I didn’t bother to put in detail for the back half of the ribs. Other than that… it’s decent. I’m hoping for a 3.5 (I recieved a 3.4 on the outdoor landscape one which isn’t that bad after learning what I need to stay in honors).

Another one of the charcoal type drawings. We were studying tone and fabric and stuff. It actually turned out a lot better than I was expecting, and I’m hesitant to go back in and try to “fix” anything. The professor always talks about how a wide, balanced range of lights and darks is good. I tried making the center darker, but I couldn’t figure out what I was doing so I just sorta gave up. I really like the left and the right, even if they are shaded in different manners… Heh.

It was a good weekend. Mike, Maria, and I played hobo on Friday night and I got to ride the bus and wear my salvation army trenchcoat. I forgot to wear my alligator skin shoes (“how queer!” one might say…). Mike won because he found the most hobo places to sleep. He also got a tiny person shoe and a cane. Maria found mittens. I found none. The next day Maria found a baby doll cracked in half. I suck at these things.

Late Friday night Maria and I had hot sex while watching great movies such as The Ice Cream Man, Frankenhooker, and… FANTASIA! *slams a barbie head against a wall* For the uninformed:
Ice Cream Man: Starring Clint Howard (otherwise known as… Ron Howard’s really creepy brother). Social commentary on the psychological effects of Clint being forced to play aliens and shit in Star Trek and Lost in Space while Ron was living it up as Opie and such. For example, “EVERYDAY IS A HAPPY DAY! HAPPY DAYS! HAPPY DAYS!” If only the fonze were nearbye…
Frankenhooker: Exploding hookers. Starring… some guy who looks like Derick! but had a really bad voice and shouldn’t have been in movies. Some amazing special effects in that one… Also, a reoccuring theme in these movies is: Chucks! and… Fat suits. Part of a happy ending in a bad horror movie is losing weight. Who knew?
FANTASIA: Hippos. Satan. Maren’s world history video. That about sums it up.

Really late Maria and I watched two drunk guys play Monkey vs. Robot. Robot was played by stupid drunk guy not acting like Monkey.

We went to bed around 5 after a rousing game of Truth (or Truth or Truth as the case may be). Mike woke us at 8am so we could go play. Coney Island has more than just hot dogs, apparently. Mmmm, french toast. Then stuff and stuff and stuff. Then Rainer came. Yaaaay.

Pizza LucĂ©, while being the coolest place ever, also has some freaking stupid employees who are confusing. I’m scarred for life. Well, actually, what happened later at night scarred me more. (Damn kids looking at gay porn on my computer. And vomit porn. I am NOT kidding. Sick freaks. I hid under the covers). Felching anyone?

Some pics!

Yeah. Mike dyed his hair black so now I can’t or I’d totally be uncool and biting on his style, yo. And Maren did too, apparently. That’s gonna be weird.

I also went to the UMD drag show last night. Drag queens make me giggle. Drag Kings exist (who knew?). And… Tangerine Dream is my hero. Heh… I’ve spoken to “Tangerine” online, as well as her illegitimate daughter, “Dereka”. Oh, also, many boys are too pretty to exist. Maria, we’re still going to kill them, right?

(Everyone knows everyone. It’s creepy. I better not be stupid. dooom noises)

Oh, oh, Friday night we also went to a coffee house! It’s a lot like the Red Rooster. And you know what I heard? Heeh.

I should be out in nature drawing right now, but I am not. Perhaps I will at 2. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Life is pretty darn neat sometimes, regardless of loneliness in other areas.

P.S. Steph’s moving to Duluth in a few months. Glee!

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