"Help! A consumer eating dinosaur!"

<- Full of consumers xoMandi, how you light up my life. Well, most people light up my life. Heck, lightbulbs light up my life. Thanks for making me laugh and smile. And now, I ask everyone to think of everything beautiful and poetic they've ever read or written and then ask yourself the question "is […]

good/bad news

RENT has been rescheduled to next Monday because the actors are stuck in snow drifts in DC. (Not exactly, but isn't that a hilarious mental image? Maaaaaark. Maaaaaaark.) This gives me more time to work on debate. Debate is killing me, I was at school until 9pm tonight and I'm getting re-sick. (ha) And… I […]

a product of canada

Ya gotta make a living somehow; we chose the beverage world. Good old soda with a twist. No hidden meanings, no billion dollar ad campaigns. At Jones, we want you to buy lots of soda and recycle the bottles. The labels are kinda like our minds – always changing. Run with the little guy… create […]

something fragile for you

The books in this room could not be read, not a second time. I chose another volume from the shelf. Again, there was no title to the book, and even more of the pages had words missing from them. Some of the pages were almost completely blank. 'Please be careful,' said the attendant. I turned […]

I just watched Hair…

So naturally I donwloaded Wonderwall by Oasis. (No, that's not supposed to make sense.) Still want to write, still haven't. Still avoiding homework, more or less, and still behind in debate. (And still wishing I was someone else and that these problems were real.) I dunno. Maybe I was raised to not believe my problems […]

I just wanted some ice cream.

I think I'll probably leave after this. And maybe go Octospank alone too. No Tessa phone number, can't call AlexClintKelsey, well.. because and.. Emma calls me. Heh. I really didn't want to walk home from school, so I sat in the doorway and finished reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I've read two books […]

guess what I'm doing

The nice thing about Big Boy was the fact that Patrick and Sam didn't just throw around inside jokes and make me struggle to keep up. — The bad thing about coffee was the fact that we always just threw around inside jokes and make outsiders struggle to keep up.