ahh, 3-hole punch, you're lovely!

I now how a copy of Poems to Read Aloud in the United States of America in a 3-ring binder. *giggle* That makes me happy. Everyone should keep good poetry near them. I should design my own cover! Ooooh. (Today wasn't so bad. I was hoping for no school, but eh. Snow pretty. I worked […]

existential angst

I've always wanted to use that phrase. Not experience it, but wanted to use it. Anyway, the story I'm attempting to write on the play is crap. I'm going to cut my toenails and work on interp/oratory and then maybe come back to it. It's snowing. Maybe school will get cancelled.

today is a…

today is a great day to go visit steph during my free period. it's stephin' outside! (snowing.. whenever we hung out during my free period is was snowing usually.. we got married on the first snow. snow makes me think of her) Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together, Mmm-hmmm!


Q: What movies starts both Montgomery and Dark and can actually be easily found! A: GO! I bought this movie over the holidays even though I'd only seen it once before. I bought it mainly because I knew Nathan Bexton (Montgomery from Nowhere) had a part in it. I didn't realize he was a main […]

so this is my life.

Whee. Fourth period free means long pointless lucnhess. I'm eating mashed potatoes that were left over from the soft foods my sister had to eat when she had her wisdom teeth removed a week or two ago. At the beginning of this period I valiantly battled with a bottle of sparkling apple cider. In the […]