Roleplaying Angst

Another fever dream of a project. Create an entire game with new graphics and new mechanics? I could make Angstémon and this the same thing, because then I’d at least have a slightly better chance of finishing one of them. This was being built in RPG Maker 2000, and I’m not sure the files ever made the transition when I switched from a PC to a Mac user.

The goal of the game is indeterminate. Basically you play the role of Topher, an angst-ridden teen, and you must assemble a ragtag group of teens as you search Brookings High School for… the point of the game! The game was more of an excuse to play with sprites than a serious attempt at making an RPG. After leaving high school, I found it harder to work on anything with “angst” in the title. I built out the entire dungeon high school and character sprites for Jon, Sonya, and myself. And that’s about it.

a few early screenshots