Gotta Angst ’em All

Angstémon is a little project I started a long time ago. Possibly early 2001 or summer 2001. I planned to finish it summer 2002. That didn’t happen, needless to say.

What I do know is that Angstémon is a collectible card game based on the oh so angstful teen years. The basic card types are “teens,” the character cards, “outcries,” the effect cards, “hangouts,” the location cards, and “teases,” the attack cards. The actual goal of the game hasn’t been decided, but it might be to gain X amount of angst or to lose it. Possibly both, depending on what “clique” you’re playing. There are four cliques: Jock, Prep, Outcast, and Loser. That’s about the extent of my knowledge and content for now. One point of interest, however, would be the original website, archived courtesy of The WayBack Machine. The old page has a preliminary cardlist, a “thank you” section, and a gallery.

p.s. this is amusing and was created independently of angstémo