SD 1293–1312: Trying to do this slightly sooner than nearly two months apart! Though I forgot I was going to decide on when each month to purposefully write these. I feel like end of the month to reflect on the previous month makes the most sense. In theory I would like to write more than once a month (remember when the world first shut down and I wrote every day?). Mid-month makes a sort of sense too. Or just vaguely after things happen like I have been doing now. Showing up is important which is why I am so consistently inconsistent.

We went to Welcome to Night Vale’s latest touring show with Andy, Michael, and Barrett. The slideshow was amazing.

I made a quick lunchtime visit to the Art Institute to see the Peter Hujar photography exhibition before it closed.

I also popped into a nice Ellsworth Kelly drawing show in the special gallery.

Another exciting development from the past few weeks was seeing the new 4K restoration of Nowhere at the Alamo Drafthouse in Chicago. I never realized just what a beautiful, cinematic film that really is after only ever seeing it on VHS. Gregg Araki knows his shit! I regret not seeing Doom Generation when it played. Matt, Dane, and Barrett seemed to like it (not hate it at least) so that’s something!

The Nowhere shirt I made in high school still fits! Kinda! Please stare at my nipple. And tell me how you spell relief.

Let’s see, what else. Matt and Dane got colds. I got one too but avoided having quite as bad of a cough as them. I worked from home all of last week because of it and missed a big in-person meeting which was kind of a bummer. Lots of good updates (and I won an award for candor! Somehow!), so feeling a bit more optimistic on the work front. There is a very big project ongoing that I am doing my best to manage large decisions for. I vaguely know what I am doing at my job. But being home all week (and the shift of weather to being cold, dark, and rainy) left me feeling a bit defeated despite the positive mood coming out of the meeting. I also had a reply all accident to a company wide email. I am getting older. 🙁

We have been doing a pretty good job of watching mostly new spooky movies this October instead of solely watching Donnie Darko and The VVitch on a loop like Matt normally likes to do. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Here’s the list so far:

  • The Thing (1982)
  • Interview with a Vampire
  • Dr Sleep
  • Elvira’s Haunted Hills
  • Final Destination 
  • The Thing (2011)
  • Ma
  • Saw  
  • Saw II
  • Queen of the Damned

I have also managed to do Orctober consistently all month for #msaed. When will I fall off? Who knows! John and Lauren will be doing another big Halloween party this year, and after initial Venture Brothers discussions it sounds like the theme will be “Oops! All vampires!” so our What We Do in the Shadows costumes will likely be making a return. Probably will not fully shave for Colin Robinson again now that I know he shaves three times a day in universe I can lean on that.

Things in the world continue to be bad / getting worse. And still we post.

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