SD 1222–1242: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. End of post.


Pitchfork was fun even if I was a bit disconnected from the lineup once again. Perfume Genius was amazing as always (as was his pee pee poo poo antique gold tulle).

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul were the best set of the weekend, playing in the rain after what felt like a frustratingly long rain delay and evacuation. Mdou Moctar and Grace Ives were also great new discoveries.

I also enjoyed finally seeing Bon Iver after having a very long Bon Iver phase back in 2011 with the release of the eponymous second album.

I felt guilty for not being excited by The Smile (Radiohead! Thom Yorke!!). Maybe I need to go back and listen to the album, to make myself retroactively excited. I do like Radiohead! I just wasn’t connecting with the music at the end of the night.

After taking Friday and Monday off for a fun little Pitchfork four day weekend, I was back to work for two whole days before being off Thursday and Friday for my first ever trip to Las Vegas! Slime Squad, my Free Company (guild) in Final Fantasy XIV (the critically acclaimed MMORPG with an expanded free trial which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for free with no restrictions on playtime) decided to go to the Fan Festival even though only four out of the 11 people on the trip actually had tickets. It was my first flight in five years! I worked myself up a lot about turbulence but the flights ended up being fine even with some extended periods of seatbelt sign. We did get stuck taxiing for over an hour on the way back which after delays was on the border of being very bad, but we survived.

After the first night of being very annoyed by how quickly a fool (me) and his money were parted, I got into the Vegas vibe on the second day and ended up embracing the money vortex and having a fun time. It was also my first real vacation with Matt and Dane somewhere besides Minnesota (i.e. seeing family) or Wisconsin and first big friend trip, so a successful, intoxicating time.

It was a cool 110+ degrees the whole time we were there, so mostly stayed inside the Venetian the entire time. Well, we were actually in the Palazzo, but same difference. The pool was an experience. Nice in the warm water while feeling like your head was in an oven above water. We bought large piña colada which were like $50 each. Amazing.

We did leave the hotel for a bit to go to a nerd bar on Friday night to celebrate fan fest. We arrived in style via party bus (insane).

We also went to RuPaul’s Drag Race Live at the Flamingo which was incredible. I was worried I wouldn’t know any of the queens since I fell off watching so many seasons ago, but it ended up being Derrick Barry, Kennedy Davenport, Alexis Mateo, and Coco Montrese who I know very well along with Pangina Heals who I know by reputation with Lawrence Chaney hosting, who was delightful.

I very much did not win big in the casino, but I did learn how to lose less slowly while waiting for a cocktail waitress to make an appearance. Fingers crossed I win a drawing for a free stay in the suites!

Been trying to recover and return to reality this past week after a very busy July which has included an important corgi spa day along with finally catching up with the culture and seeing Barbie (but not at the Logan Theatre because it was sold out).

Now just to remember what a five day work week feels like for the first time since the middle of June. I failed at going into the office last Thursday because the Blue Line was so backed up. On the platform for 50 minutes and only three fully packed trains came by. Terrible. Gotta start leaving earlier again I think, which is what worked early in the year when things were busy. Also got to figure out home stuff. And money. Been so busy spending it having fun! Time to have fun… saving.

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