SD 1110–1131: To the Olsen Twins, the coolest month. To Dunkin’, the crueler month. To Shakespeare? The cruelest month. To me, simply April. April Spritzes bring May Sbagliatos. When you think about it, really.

Well! What is new? More weeks of brunch. Several days of record-breaking 80 degree temps followed by snow in April 16. The Midwest, amirite? A successful last minute Easter Sunday celebration with Andy and Barrett. More time in the office. More time on the CTA. More time back to walking on the CTA. Sending my bike into the shop for maintenance so I can hopefully ride it for the first time since 2019. Too many hours spent in Midjourney, though resistance to actually sharing 99.99% of the images I’ve generated with anyone else.

I celebrated the unseasonably warm temps this past weekend by going for a long walk and ending it with a quick run straight into a screw sticking out of a pipe followed by a visit to urgent care for my first stitches since age 17.

Matt and I have been hitting up some of neighborhood happy hours after talking about it for awhile. We finally made it to Townhall’s replacement, Lardon, after talking about it for ages. They have amazing meat and cheese plates.

After several failed attempts I also got another frozen coffee at Spilt Milk. Nature is healing!

Babycat is still having issues with overgrooming which the vet says is due to arthritis pain. She’s been getting injections for the pain and anti-anxiety meds. She’s eating and drinking normally and has even gained weight from some bowel distress issues earlier, but I just get sad when I look at her and see all of the sore spots on her legs and belly.

But I guess if vet is not more concerned about that then I don’t need to be? Anyway, my new hobby is paying vet bills.

Dane got a raise at work which is very exciting. He celebrated by getting an e-bike which is a nice compromise between me not being supportive of him buying a car. I worry about cycling in the city but that is life.

The three of us are heading to the cities this week for my cousin’s wedding which will be interesting! I think it will be a fun time, but I am feeling anxious about the whole throuple thing and think I will end up doing my normal thing of just not talking about it. I am an excellent communicator. I am starting by PTO by going into the office for half a day for our annual kickoff (voluntarily! no one asked. and it’s free lunch). Maybe I should actually change my PTO in our system to reflect that… ugh.

I need to put in time off for another trip at the end of May to spend more time with my mom. I am entitled to take time off but I get in my head about it and take less than I should. Maybe just feeling guilty since I have several trips in July planned and probably another one at the end of August. But also I work (from home) while sick regularly still and on my days off… so again I am just being silly. It is important to take breaks.

This year is absolutely flying by.

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