Hello again! Hard to believe it’s already been a week because I feel like I’ve done jack–  very accomplished!

  • The MyrthCo About page now has even more links with icons to me on the web!!
  • Apple released iOS 12, which means my sticker pack can now do this:

  • I built a pharmacy in ActiveWorlds.

Willow Falls

  • I found the “Ambient Occlusion” setting in ActiveWorlds and installed the Alphaworld Enhanced Texture Pack, so now my screenshots can have 30% more shading! (See above)
  • I made this, which presupposes what the new Peachette transformation of Toadette would look like dressed as Princess Toadstool, the original more Toad-like version of Peach:

See you next week! Good thing there’s no other reason whatsoever Toad’s in the news today.

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