I have set the lowest of standards for my artmaking as of late. This is why I've been painting on cardboard, tracing craigslist m4m postings onto stickers (I mean making the private public), and collaborating with a friend more talented than myself.

This lack of standards makes for a nice period of experimentation, but I think I need to start on some more “serious” projects again. The video above is not serious. I've been recording old deadjournal entries with the intent of using them as the soundtrack for some video fuckery. Finding that a bit too personal for the moment, I read one of the awful gay fantasy stories I wrote in high school about my friend Jon. I mean Roy. I mean Adam and Roy are made up, and I was never that sad. Augh. What am I doing.

Reading all of the “aughs” and “unghs” I put into my journals aloud is interesting.

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