That subject line could imply some extreme narcissism with ™ being my initials and all, but that’s not what I was doing today. For once. I instead have been streamlining my life and entering all relevant marketing information into the Google Cloud. I think I read putting all my cyber eggs into one basket was an excellent idea.

I could claim by consolidating I am becoming more efficient, but all that I’ve really accomplished is making my procrastination more efficient. All of my design blogs are now in one place! Wowee. I am one of the many people with multiple Google accounts, which is annoying since there is no way to currently merge said accounts. There are ways around thankfully, so now I am redirecting, forwarding, or associating my Google and other e-mail accounts into one consolidated, folder-less lump. Yeah, labels. Thanks for the future on that one. 
Speaking of the future (and websites I can consolidate under the Google Cloud…)

Content Aware Image Resizing (Seam Carving if you’re nasty). This is practically the rotational/enhancement that is featured so prominently in Bladerunner and CSI. Not quite, but having never heard of it before today  and then discovering it might be an included feature in Adobe Creative Suite 4.
I think my awe over this new technology and the ability to post on blogger from my other gmail account have overridden my usual eloquence. Yes. I am very eloquent.
Oh, and I Twitter now. I’m not really sure why, other than it is a good way to feed my internet and social network addictions.

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