So long before the Jim Carrey film I learned to have negative associations with the number 23. The pagan number! Whatever the hell that means. Coincidental observation is a strange bird. If you start building associations with 23, you'll start seeing it everywhere. It is sort of similar to how it seems when you learn a new word it suddenly appears in a book or a movie the next day.

Anyway, three months into my Chicago life I still have no career. I finally had an interview, which went very well, but I did not get the position. So it goes. My savings (ex-Euro vacation fund) are holding out, but not for too much longer. If I don't find anything in the next month, I'll have to decide whether to take a crap job to tide me over while I search or else settle for a less then ideal entry level position somewhere, anyway.

In comparison to what's happening to friends and family around me, my life is coming up roses. Divorce, cancer, job loss, quarter life crisis, they have it all!

I'm not feeling capable of weaving this all together. Maybe I should apply for jobs instead of whinging.

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