So I think I just had my first experience of leading someone on. Ack. Maybe gay boys can't just be friends. We'd hung out three times. Had a few beers the first. Dinner and Batman the second. Watched a movie tonight. I could feel him inching closer and closer on the couch but failed to stop it. When the movie finished with his arm around me we sat in silence for a few minutes before I broke into the “here's the thing” speech. He never asked if I had a boyfriend, but I never volunteered the information either. There hadn't been any sort of physical thing, but he probably thought we were taking it slow. I am a jerk. Maybe there's an episode of the Sex and the City that covers this.

On the bright side… probably a good experience to have. Assuming I ever find another gay friend I'll be a bit more forward about my relationship status. At least we didn't make out. Then I'd have been a really really big prick.


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