Tonight I chatted with a self-described maker of “fag films.” Very interesting. There is an entire history of queer cinema that I’ve never heard of need to get into. I was recommended Fox and His Friends, so that’s somewhere to start (beyond Sebastiane and the John Waters films I’ve seen).

The guy’s stuff kind of reminds me of Gregg Araki. I don’t know what about the terrible over-acting of his characters (or under if you’re speaking James Duvall) that so appeals to me. Maybe that’s not the best way to describe the characters in his films. I’ve never taken anything beyond an intro film class, so I lack the vocabulary.

Anyway, something about this scene from a film he did called Flush really appeals to me:

Here’s a full-length short called “I Hate Faggy Fag Fag” he did. This is why I hate gay people. Or why I think I hate gay people. Or I think gay people are like this so I hate myself. Or I hate myself because I want to be these gay people. I’ve gone cross eyed.

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