What are “things that can damage your future chance of a career” Trebek?

So, let’s see, I have a deadjournal dating back to 2000 (high school, angst), a livejournal dating back to 2003 (freshman year of college, super angst), a myspace blog, a facebook account, this poor excuse for a blog, and a class blog. As you can see, only one of those is really safe to link to though they can all be found easily enough.

I need to compile all the entries someday into a private file and then burn the computer it is stored on. And then make a machine to reburn those ashes. And then burn that machine.

Anywho, someday soon I need to consolidate/remove some of the ancient more embarrassing blogs and make the final blog look halfway decent. I also need to update portfolio site very badly. At least my new flickr is pretty. My mnartists.org profile is also gaining in content.

Some day Topher. Some day.

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