say no to new blogs

[archived from:] I was really happy with this and considered it final, but when I started showing people I felt hesitation. The stamp and date will go to the right to make an overly stable base for the image.  The poster is more about subtlety, so I don’t think I like the huge lettering […]

on not being invisible

Oh internet, you never cease to horrify me. I suppose I should know that if I'm going to TA for a class of 300+ mostly college freshman, I'm going to be noticed. I just didn't quite expect THERE TO BE AWKWARD CAMERA PHONE PICTURES OF ME. Before today's test someone asked me if I knew […]

Second Life

That is almost all that remains of my early days of 3d modeling and virtual reality chat worlds. A google search on “Myrth” (my old username) and “ActiveWorlds” will reveal several pages of where my hands dipped into the cyberpot. I won a world design contest or two–including the prestigious 2000 Cy Award for “Most […]