In putting together my class schedule for next semester, I realized I only need 13 credits to graduate and could be done in spring. However, as I firmly believe graduating in four years is leaving the party at 10pm, I pulled a “general studio art BFA” double major out of my ass at the last second, ensuring a glorious bonus Fall 2007 semester of drawing, painting, photography, screenprinting, lithography, and sculpture. Yikes. Anyone know good graduate programs in the UK for art + design?

Working at the Tweed is luxurious and silky, so why would I want to abandon the moisturizing student status? In a week there will be a published book designed by me, which is exciting/terrifying. I wonder how much it will cost.

I hope to travel Europe next summer, but if that falls through I might question my postponement. Alas. I will go. I also have free domestic airfare that expires in March, so I am returning to New York over the winter break, and if time allows I will get my ass to Chicago. If not over winter break, then spring. I could go by myself as that's becoming a tradition of sorts. At least I don't have to worry about people being right all the time when I am alone.

Remember to vote early and often tomorrow.

I wish I had pictures for you, but instead I encourage you to peek around my portfolio. It's paisley and updated. Sorta. Missing paintings, latest design work, and an intuitive system for displaying work. *hack*

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