All the lights in my home are flickering. I awoke to the sound of a loud pop and toasted plastic. Jill and I are two defunct surge protectors richer. I wish I knew enough about anything to determine if this is a fire hazard or just annoying. I live in an old house. Maybe if I dried off the power lines in the backyard things would be better. Does anyone have a metal ladder I can borrow? Wow. Things keep getting really bright and then I hear a buzzing sound. I hope the microwave/television/alarm clock/fridge/real doll don't explode.

Even Manor House had consistent electricity. I am desperate to go abroad again. Eight months and counting, unless I die in an electrical fire first.

The mice have returned. Maybe they're chewing on the wires.

Update! I just called the landlady. She says it's happening a lot of places. Now do I call Minnesota Power, or wait for something exciting to happen? Decisions!

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