Outside was lovely last night so Matt and I went for a hike into Chester Bowl. The mosquitoes chased us out soon thereafter. We opted then for a walk to Baja Billy's for margaritas on the patio. After sitting at a dirty table for thirty minutes, the waitress informed us she'd just be another second. We sat for a few hours and each had three 21 oz beverage concoctions. She seemed eager to give us more. Then she gave us the bill. Now, I admit things were a bit hazy (but not hazy enough. I should have gone for shots), but I recall the bill being in the neighborhood of $43.00. Taken aback, I tipped a dollar. I figured I'd done my karmic tipping duty earlier by giving a waitress at Uncle Louie's café $5.00.

My online bank statement for Bajas reads $58.21. Either I forgot the total with tax or perhaps I am to learn a lesson. Possible lessons include:
1. Keep your receipts.
2. Don't stiff bad waitresses.
3. Don't order menu items without prices.
4. Parks with standing water are a bad idea at dusk.
5. It pays to be a cheap drunk.

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