So Jill said this funny thing to me on the phone Sunday. “Good luck getting a job without connections!” Now, she did have a point. Of my 2.5 jobs, only one of them was totally independent. Dr. Roos and I had prior knowledge of each other through the honors program freshman year, which probably helped me get my office assistant job in England.

This summer things were going to change. I was going to be a real go-getter. In between applying for jobs, I had a meeting with Linda Miller-Cleary, my Comp/Memoir professor (I've volunteered to redo her website. There's a possible $500 prize). Linda is full of ideas and brought me around to two other professors. Professor #2, Mary Wright, was a little bit crazy. She thought Topher McCulloch was a very endearing name. Then, unasked, Linda told Mary I was looking for a job. “Didn't you used to have a student doing tech stuff for you, Mary? Topher's great* at that stuff.” Mary responded, “I used to, but the money's gone. Though you know, [story about hip, Chancellor's Grant, and not being able to travel goes here].” Then I got a job doing web stuff for her. I'm not sure how it worked either.

I applied at the library for a graphic design/office assistant position. I had an interview today. I learned Kathryn Fuller, the lady hiring for the position, is in charge of the history section of reference in the library. “I see you listed Anna Marie as a reference. She has to be my favorite professor!” Heh. The best part of the story is, I put myrthco on the application. And she's still hiring me after looking at it!!

It's not what you know, it's who you know. Apparently. This boon of luck makes me think I'm going to get run down on my bicycle. Glensheen, the Co-op, and Best Western Edgewater haven't called back, which is for the best. They are all at the bottom of the hill, which makes riding there really fun and exciting. The walk home is less fun.

Kids with guns.

EDIT: I got the job! Two on campus, web/graphic design related jobs. I am so getting hit by a truck.

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