“Friendster blogs are here” sounds like a threat.

I was in Budapest this morning, London this afternoon, and I am in Birmingham this evening. Two days ago I was in Prague. Edinburgh followed me there as my hostel room was filled with the Scottish who can be far less grating than the English at times (but I love anyone that's English reading this, whee). Taking the train from Prague to Budapest was really cool. I beat Earthbound and did no homework whatsoever. I don't think I like doing homework while in motion. I really just like staring out the window, or in the case of an airplane, staring at nothing. I did revise a paper at 3,000 feet today. I have some studying to do for tomorrow (curse you Roosy!). I have two other big papers to finish this week. Instead of doing any of this, I am naturally checking online journals, dead and alive.

I miss Sir Toby's breakfast. Mike and I ran into our arch-nemesis (“you don't seem American”) the first night at the same pizza place we ate at multiple times in December. I kept seeing her, but we never spoke. My hostel shyness will hopefully go out the window over spring break when I set out for a month all by my lonesome. I miss Sir Toby's prayer/reading chapel.

I must confess that I am unsure if I even like Prague, however. My camera kept not working, so I became bitter. Tourists are everywhere. Prague has been described as capitalism's playground. I didn't really see anything in Budapest besides the Disneyland of Communism. It was a mildly expensive weekend for a study break. Egh. I shall be in Vienna for a few days over break, so I might head out to a random small town in the Czech Republic (Olomouc?) to see “what Prague was like before the tourists.”

I'm in love with the idea of Prague but not the city itself. I did see some giant cemetaries (and giant shopping malls). I went to the big markets and almost got pulled into a backroom. They either wanted to sell me drugs, sex, or kill me. Maybe all three. I wonder if the Camden Markets in London ever pull you into backrooms.

I think I am surrounded by too many amazing things to be awestruck, or maybe I need to see new things instead of experience the old. Mike and I got to the Budapest airport for 310 forints. I think last time we paid like 2700 each for a cab. It was a really awesome cab ride. Up there with that time the Kurdish candidate for president in Iraq's son/nephew/grand nephew/third cousin twice removed drove Cindy, Dom, Manda, and I to AARHUS!

I am listening to a band called Conemelt currently. I bought the CD in Budapest for like $2. I thought it was going to be indie, but it's sorta bad techno instead. I like it a lot. It will be good essay writing music.

I kept wanting to hug Mike. I think spring makes me crave affection. Anyone who wants a hug, please let me know. I will make considerations for reforming my makeout club (that didn't go so well last time, well… it was kinda fun).

Art and Museums paper is due this Wednesday, but we had been told next week by some, so fail to complete the assignment at your discretion!

I cannot remember anything else that happened in Prague and Budapest. I ate some good Chinese food in Budapest and some good pizza in Prague. That is about it. Oh… I like free tea. Eating chocolate before getting on a National Express coach makes me ill. Tetsuo: the Iron Man is an amazing movie. pyschosexual!

Oh… I paid to see the castle in Prague. The golden mile is scarily tourist and St. Vitus's (??) cathedral has really cool stained glass + decor. I saw a stained glass window by Alphonse Mucha. I also saw his grave, I think. Art Noveau is hardcore.

I hate the habit of academics to use random phrases in French to flavor their writing because they never translate them. I don't speak French. Agh. Maybe I'll pick it up and speak only in witticisms and poetics.

Today I waited for a coach that did not come. It did not come because my watch was still set ahead. Oh Europe, you so crazy!

out and out in B'ham (someday I will write a story involving taking the the A45 from London to Brum. Just beacause.)

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