How is it that I feel both jittery and lethargic at the same time? As soon as I got back to my room from work/class I became super-hyper-shaky. It has been at least two hours since I last had caffeine. Because of running stuff around at work, I do not want to move or do anything. Picking something up off the floor is a struggle. I cannot hold a pen to write. Typing is a struggle.


Whee, now I am a bit dizzy. This is how I feel when I get really excited/am really happy about something. Sure life is grand, but nothing specfic springs to mind. Maybe some homework or reading would calm me down.

Every day I get a little closer to working on the zine (Jetplanes!).

JETPLANES R! JETPLANES R! Oh god Steph I miss you right now. When are you coming? I need to know if I should go to Liverpool Saturday or if I should wait to go with you (Emma too, get your butt over here).

Here is where I impress/piss you off with my plans for February.

  • This weekend: Liverpool/London (need to go to Tate for research paper)
  • 11-13 Feb: Sweden and Denmark with Cindy, Amanda, and Dominique (because I can!)
  • 18-20 Feb: Stonehenge/Bath field trip with the programme
  • 24-26 Feb: Berlin with Mike (need to go back to modern art museum there for research paper)
  • It will be sad next year when I cannot fly to Berlin to write a freaking essay.

    I still have no idea what I am doing for Spring Break. At some point I think Mike and I are doing a Prague/Budapest weekend trip. Bethany wants to go to Paris with Mike and I some weekend. I need to go to the museum there too for this paper.

    Hmm, for spring I think I want to see Neuschwanstein. I feel bad for all I missed in Rome and Florence, but I could not bear to go back without marmar. Perhaps I will chill in the alps. I miss snow. I also want to go to Spain because I have not been, but it scares me a little. Ooh, there is always Greece… blagh.

    Is it bad that I am excited for work on Monday because I get to redecorate/move furniture in the student Tea Room? There are these awesome three green chairs that lineup to make a couch. I plan to recreate the Tea Room in the Journalism Room's image.

    A giant collage of suck that I did last semester is either rolled up in some art studio or in a dumpster. I hope it still exists, because my room might get psychotic with its addition. It also has several polaroids which I would rather not have been tossed. Tomorrow morning I shall see to that.

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