I have never had a class with Repinski, yet he strikes me as a remotely intimidating and terrifying man. I never wanted to see him naked in bed with me (that is called an attention grabber!). You know, at first it was just a playful roll in the hay, but his face was far too close to mine and I was getting creeped out. I think I became really uncomfortable when he started kissing me, as I noticed just how old he was (much older than he is in real life). I think I told him he should leave so I could write a paper for his class. Then he said something to the effect of, “I'll give you an A if you do it in my office.” Icccck. Failing that, I ended up laying across him sideways. At some point, Bud walked in (this was a glimpse into the future, where Repinski makes booty calls to my shared on campus apartment, obviously) and he seemed a bit uncomfortable, but I think he got naked and got into bed, as well. I only ever saw him from the back; I think he soon left.

Also, for the duration of the dream, there was a third person in the bed.

I do not want to go back to sleep.

I read Kalki by Gore Vidal. Naturally, it tied into a lot of random shit in my life. Of interest was its discussion of the second law of thermodynamics (everything is running down). Now, that is entropy, sorta. Now, as I am sure you all know, the true second law of thermodynamics (you could be eating a sandwich) better expresses the idea of everything going to a lower energy. You could be eating that sandwich, but you are not, because everything is grinding to a slow, cosmic halt.

I went to some fancy places this weekend, but I will wait on those, as I just ate some leftovers from a week ago and I might be getting ill.


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