I was in hot topic today and picked up that huge “book of answers” thing. I asked (as I often do) “will I ever find true love?” The page I opened to was “never.” Good thing I didn't ask if I was going to die in the next six months.

Haha. This is all too silly. I can't logically be upset that my life isn't going to turn out like a cheest movie. My life is bordering on other sorts of movies which is good enough for me. Also, how can I be sad when it's finally snowing and when “when atheist children get presents day” is coming? Hehe. Snow, glorious snow. I don't have to shovel in the dorms and I have no car, so bitterness can't touch me. Ha!

Last night my roommate asked me to turn off my computer since he had an early final. Hehe, oops. Speaking of finals, I will one day finish my 2D Design thing. As for what day that is… the jury is still out. I've complained a lot about going back to South Dakota for a month, but that really doesn't matter either. There are a lot of great people there, and hopefully I can come visit Duluth at some point, and hey, I'll be coming back here for a few months anyway. These people aren't going anywhere, and if they are, they're coming back. Except for Kara maybe. That bum. Only losers move to Florida to live with their parents. Hehe.

Sometimes I think people are irresponsible and need to get a grip on reality, but then I realize I live in a fantasy world paid for by my mom. I really need to do charity work or something.

I hope to see more of people before I go back. I need to make an effort to see Maria, Brijeet, Jon, Kara, Natalie, Ty, Matt, and people before I leave. I really need to see Maria. I think I'll call her tonight, and if all else fails, I'll hunt her down with Brandi.

I have presents! For some people at least… I need to do a lot of shopping–in my fantasy world, of course.

That one person said to do something every day that scares you. I leave my room every day, so I've totally got that covered. Dance dance dance, dance to the radio. One time I went to Luc√© and saw a band that sounded “exactly like Joy Division,” but I hated them. I like Joy Division. I think I just hate rock stars. Well, I should clarify, people who aren't rockstars but act like it. It's a point of conflict for me. I think they just took themselves too seriously. So… I hate people that do that. A sense of humor is very important. That's why I love Cat Face Smash Records recording artists so much, even though they're very intense and take themselves very seriously.

Cat Face Smash and Saddle Creek should get together and make mutant emo babies!

Today for the first time ever, I ate breakfast in the dining center. What did you do today?

I was lost for a little, but I've recaptured my rambling magic in deadjournal!

private to maren: ready for some murder? also, we're going to aberdeen or that region right? i've got to see a man about a sword, and by that i mean someone i love so secretly i don't even know i'm in love with them

I think I wrote a deadjournal entry in my dreams last night. It was about control. Before, I used to have a sort of control. I chose what to put into my body and stuff and didn't do things that altered that control (hence, I used to be edge). This is no longer the case. I've lost the control, or maybe I've simply lost the will to say no. Just say whatever! This doesn't matter that much to me; it's just a change from before. Sometimes I wonder if I cling to vegetarianism out of desire to control some aspect of life. This is why I remain a vegetarian. It makes me special!

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