I've got a paper due tomorrow and Wednesday, but I might as well get around to this first.

Halloween was awesome (once it got around to being later rather than earlier). Proof of it's awesomeness is presented here:

Yep. People. Neatness. I went as an emo tomato or something. I don't really know. I didn't get a good pic of the tomato or of my awesome emo tattoos. Rattle snack! Also go to watched Totally F**ed Up (Gregg Araki am hero) and Buttercream Gang. We all learned a valuable lesson and ate potatos at 6am. Sleeptime was around 8. Wake time was 1:30ish. It was neat. Oh, and in the night we went to the House of Donuts, which is very close to Maria's new apartment. Mmm. Donuts and the dregs of society. “EAT YOUR WIFE'S TACO!” Ungh. And some kid evaluated us as we left the establishment. “ahh yeah.” “gas mask.” “yeaaaaah.” He was cool.

People were lots of fun. As Steph says, they're fancy here! Hehe… “fancy mike” (which is different than gay mike. in case people were wondering, i'm gay edge).

At some point on Saturday Steph showed up, since she lives here now and all. Soon I left to partake in a Hockey game, which was terrifying. I need to write an essay about it presently. After that I took a crowded bus back to campus and then it was necessary for me to take a cab to Maria and Steph's place for awesome.

They make cute roommates. I neglected to take any pictures of Steph's existence, but I swear it's real. Her and I stayed up late catching up on the past 10 months or so and then I climbed into bed with Maria. Ahhhh yeah! That apartment is where I get all my action.

Woke up, layed around for awhile. Ate organic macaroni that didn't taste like bread. Eventually we walked to the Co-op thingy and Maria bought groceries and I bought cookies. Walked back to near apartment place and I took a bus back to campus (all by myself.. woo. neat).

Uhm… and then we ate frozen pizza.

In other news, I'm very close to giving up on humanity. A week ago there was hope (jealous envy) and snow. Now there's… not too much of any of that. I demand snow, but it's apparently too lame for Duluth now. Fucking kangaroos. I've deleted my accounts at online personal sites, in a kharmic attempt to free myself and be zen and find real love or some shit. It was all going well until today.

Yeah… I found out about some people's weekend exploits and it made me very depressed and nauseous. I still want to puke (and kill). I'm getting better though–it reminded me why I deleted myself from those sites.

So here I sit with few possibilities and a sense of disillusionment while listening to Bright Eyes. Well… I'm actually listening to Air, but I do like Bright Eyes a lot now (I feel dirty).

I thought this bit was interesting:
I have a friend, he is made mostly of pain. … He once cut one of my nightmares out of paper. I thought it was beautiful, I put it on a record cover. And I tried to tell him he had a sense of color and composition so magnificent. And he said “Thank you, please but your flattery is truly not becoming me. Your eyes are poor. You are blind. You see, no beauty could have come from me. I am a waste of breath, of space, of time.”

And I wish I could feel like this:
They fit together, like a puzzle. I love their love and I am thankful that someone actually receives the prize that was promised by all those fairy tales that drugged us.

Hmm.. those sound a lot better sung than they look written out.

Anyway, I see myself at a crossroads. I either get proactive socially (without internet crutch) and find a boyfriend, realize that there's more to life than love, or the path I'm least likely to take, renounce homosexuality and find a girlfriend.

I think I should join Amnesty International, then I can learn about real problems.

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