I love their music so fscking much. That's the cover of SPT's latest album. I had to eat ramen for two days to afford the bootleg, but it was so worth it. I hope I can afford to buy a real album some day. As their #2 fan, I feel I owe it to them. Their latest underground mailing list (sorry, can't give out address, it's for true fans only) talks about how they can't even afford to sign up for an mp3.com account. Oh well, they'd be total sellouts if they did that anyway. *sniff* I love screemo so much.

SPT just… they just fucking know how I feel. My latest favorite is “Archer Farms”– it talks about the abusive home that Norman (the bass player) grew up in. You wouldn't think there'd be any farms in Detroit, Michigan, but there so are. Norman felt the pain of living on a farm in Detroit, he so felt that.

Here's a look at a bit of the insert that they included with the newsletter. These guys are so cool, they understand the limited budget everyone has!

Just… look at all that fucking symbolism they make. There is no track 1, as if to say being number 1 isn't that important, it's the content that matters. Also, if you look in the background you can see the obscured picture of the lead member of the band, Melinda. You can't see her face clearly because it's like, beauty just doesn't matter. SPT is all about the messages of their songs. I can't express how great of a CD this is.

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