“Some tattoo wearers show evidence of antisocial personality disorder. These individuals are dramatic, emotional and erratic, and often have histories of civil arrest, divorce, and a chaotic life style. They have low self-esteem and are impulsive and reckless about their own safety.”

“Thus, any tattoo can be viewed as a warning sign that should alert the practicing physician to look for underlying psychiatric conditions.”

Well, I guess that explains Tessa. She's obviously schizophrenic and psychotic delusional because she has a tattoo. Apparently she's also borderline and got a tattoo to boost her defective ego. She also most definitely has a history of self-mutilation and drug and alcohol abuse.

Uhm… I dont' agree with this article. American Family Physician must die. Unless, Tessa, it's all true.

Oh, listen to this amazing case study…

“A 19 year old man was admitted to the hospital [after overdosing on Xanax]. He had been admitted to a psychiatric ward on two previous occasions because of elective mutism and suicidal ideation. During his evaluation, it was found that he had been obsessive involved with computers since age 12, to the exclusion of other age-appropriate social activities. The patient demonstrated an inablitity to relate to people of his own age, suspiciousness, bizarre forms of communication (including mutism), affective instability (e.g. crying spells, aloofness) and an identity disturbance with self-destructive tendencies suggestive of borderline personality. He reported magical thinking, with an interest in 'Dungeons and Deagons,' astrology, and tarot cards. His physical appearance was that of a 'punk rocker,' and he often clutched a white teddy bear. The patient was diagnosed as having schizotypal personality disorder with borderline features. He had tattoos on the chest and right ankle.”

Damn those crazy computer-loving-DnD-playin-teddybear-clutching-punk-rockers! THEY'RE ALL CRAZY! SAVE THE CHILDREN!

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