Lately, my deadjournals have been more random bits than pieces of the whole picture. I kinda like that. Hmm.. first of all, movies are cool

Secondly, the internet is cool too. Kinda. As long as you avoid those who want to sex you up. Well, there’s exceptions to every rule. (Hi Steph! Much love! Maren doesn’t believe me about the night at Clint’s house.)

Heeheee. I hang out at the South Dakota chatroom now. While it has some negative side effects, it’s mostly good conversation. I’ve found some good friends. Hi Heath! Hi Brad! One of you might read this… or both. You’re both neat.

Heh. Today I was talking to the other dramatic qualifier from Lincoln in dramatic interp from last year. Currently I’m talking to a Stevens debater who qualified in foreign extemp last year. All of this is terribly amusing.

Last week I hung out with Heath. That too was amusing. Yesterday Maren and I travelled to Blunt, in an attempt to visit another friend, Ty. Couldn’t find him even though the town has like 100 some people. The “phone book” was taped to the wall in the gas station (which we visited four times.) We drove along the street he apparently lived on several times. It was a gravel road with like eight houses and we still couldn’t find it. He must be one of those dead internet people. I did leave a message on his answering machine though… hmm.

I love small town South Dakota. Like, I wouldn’t want to live in one, or even stick around in Brookings, but I’m getting a certain respect for it all. It’s really cool to visit and kinda depressing too. Manchester is now six or seven piles of rubble. The sign that says “Manchester” is crumpled, revealing only a part of the “chester.” Also, some town like Harrold or something is “the oldest town in Beadle county.” It is falling apart. What I imagine are “historic” buildings are crumbling and rusted. The world’s most rusted playground sits behind a decrepit brick building. It looks like a third world country almost.

You know, along that lines, Manchester looks like Haiti would after a typhoon or something. It’s all so… I dunno. Weird.

I like the new friends. Especially considering, well, they’re gay. It’s all so gayerffic.

I leave in less than two months. Heh. Wheeeooooooooooooo. Till next time.

ADDENDUM: (did I spell that right?) The aforementioned debater/foreign extemper has an odd connection. A year or two ago, 007David, someone I knew from PvP, asked me if I knew him. I didn’t then. They had been partners at some random debate camp.

Even weirder than Watertonian-Internet-People connections.

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