Heh, weirdass dreams.

DREAM A- I joined the Football team. It was actually an enjoyable experience and people liked me and I was good. (!) But then.. things fell apart. After we won all our first games we started losing. Everytime we lost the coach blamed me, which is then followed up with a sharp boot to my head. By the end of the dream I had a nice dent going in my forehead. My mom wanted me to quit, but I was reluctant. At some point I went to a debate tournament!

DREAM B- I walked home to a warming housefire. The five story building that I apparently lived in was on fire. Everyone was out safely except for my two rabbits and dogs. I was freaking out at the firefighters, but they couldn't do anything. For some reason we had the ability to use night vision goggles (in fire?) and see from the perspective up above. Both of my rabbits leaped through the fireplace and fell to their death on the first floor. They made little crack-plop sounds. Very depressing. The firefighters exclaimed “no!” roughly before the bunnies dropped. Next my dog wriggled into the fireplace. He broke his fall on the rabit corpses and hobbled out of the burning building…

Believe it or Not!

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