Ahh, being able to hold on to the dream, even when you are awake, is really nice sometimes. Getting a form of the Haunting while awake in reality is really a neat feeling.

It wasn't the world's best dream, but it was a comfortable dream. No worries, just a calm mood to it.

At some point in the dream, I was really tired and trying to stay in my bed awake for just a few minutes until I could get up and leave. Seconds later I was awake and trying to figure out if I had fallen asleep and what time it was, I also had to figure out if the thing I was waiting for was still there.

What makes this interesting to me is that I realized that I might have been dreaming the original experience, or that I had fallen asleep and had seperate dreams. The way I determined I was actually awake and that the prior experience had been a dream was that I could vaguely read my clock and I had fallen asleep “in dream” facing the other way.

The dream is real while you're in it.

(I highly recommend drinking orange juice before you go to bed. Also, being able to wake up, stay awake for 5-20 minutes, and then getting another hour of sleep helps ensure interesting, well at least memorable, dreams.)

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