Reticulating splines, rebuilding past

Sometimes you just want to sit inside on a cold November day drinking coffee, listening to Modest Mouse, and thinking about all the shit from high school that seemed so important once but is gone now. And you want that place you're sitting to be the home you grew up in with Thanksgiving around the […]

things I did this weekend

1. Watched the film version of the amazing Diving Bell and the Butterfly, which I read for the first time three years ago when I was down and out in Paris and London and also reading Down and Out in Paris and London. 2. Watched the Elevator Repair Service perform Gatz, a six hour unabridged […]

Beauty in the absurd

Okay, maybe not beauty. Absurdity in the minimal? Chainsaw Suit I have long been a webcomic nerd, and I’ve been noticing somewhat of a trend in where my taste for webcomics is leaning. Stick figures. Either in the realm of the philosophical, as is the case of pictures for sad children, or else the absurd, […]

For Jess

Four and twenty, originally uploaded by tofu mugwump. I need to stop painting in the dark, as the tonal values are a bit effed. As well as some other things.. I’ll keep painting on cardboard until I feel ready to do something real again. Any requests for paintings? Comment and I’m yours. E-mail me an […]

One for sorrow

I’ve decided that if I’m not going to be employed, I might as well practice my art and shit. Not sure why it took me five months to actually start on this… I just have to get back to the skill level I was at a year ago in school. I miss college.