omg omg omg

I just applied to work at the Merchandise Mart, Landor Associates, American Library Association, the Killswitch Collective and some random place. I'm hoping if it's not all immediate rejection, it's not an immediate request for an interview. I may or may not have a bruise on my neck that's hard to explain with a boyfriend […]

things not okay by me

Papyrus. On my trip back to Minnesota last weekend it felt like half of the billboards used Papyrus. Why is one typeface used to represent ancient egypt (ha), greece, the southwest, organic elegance, woodsy downhomeness, and trendy alternativeness? Why do people think papyrus lasercut into brushed aluminum is classy? I’d include images, but that would […]

In other news…

This is my father and Tanya. Tanya joins a long line of Ukrainian/Russian women in my father's life. First there was Aksana, who might have died in the hospital when my father went to visit her in the Ukraine. Then there was Marina, the ex-KGB agent in St. Petersburg who's vengeful ex-boss would not release […]