Hey Bulldog

Today in Survey of American music I decided Pete Best is my new favorite Beatle. Sorry Ringo! I have the habit of composing one line livejournal entries and never posting them. Consider yourselves spared. Now that I have regular internet access again and too much free time, things are going to change around here. I […]

Albert Nobbs Display Case

[archived from: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/mccu0154/mugwump/2006/05/albert_nobbs_display_case.html] As it turns out, not only am I bad at aligning a camera for shooting my work, but the lens of my six year old digital camera is awful. Parallax? What parallax? I love when parallel lines converge! Augh. I need to purchase a tripod and a new camera. Some way to shoot […]

What About Cartoons Makes People Mad? Magazine Spread Design Exercise

[archived from: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/mccu0154/mugwump/2006/05/what_about_cartoons_makes_peop.html] Our third major assignment for Graphic Design I was to create a magazine spread with bold use of image and playful typography. We chose articles from Voice: AIGA Journal of Design and researched appropriate ways to support the article content with layout. I worked with an interview by Steven Heller discussing current issues with […]